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Over 700 Arrests: The Protest Grows, Organizes, Marches Onward

Over 700 Arrests: The Protest Grows, Organizes, Marches Onward By Joseph Wade The Occupy Wall Street movement will grow; a permitted, solidarity march is being held on Wednesday. Coming to the march are labor unions, students and the protesters who have been encamped in Liberty Plaza for more than two weeks now. The Solidarity March … Continue reading

The Movement Grows Blended

The Movement Grows Blended by Joseph Wade An NYPD crowd-control tower, an accordion performance, more committees and many more people: by the end of Wednesday night—Occupy the Wall (OW) movement had strengthened—as it has every day. The random, spritzing rain proved impotent in the face of the excited protesters. Among the flurry of chatter were … Continue reading

Late Night Life

Late Night Life By Joseph Wade At 2:00am, the Occupy the Wall (OW) encampment was silent with most of the die-hard protesters asleep in the park. A fine mist sprayed sporadically, pushed by random gusts of wind, but a few people were toiling into the night. Protesters on the kitchen crew were putting away food, … Continue reading

Media Pit Peril: En Medias Res

Media Pit Perils: En Media Res By Joseph Wade Rumors of buses of protesters from other cities; people bringing food; drums and acoustics; the occasional nudist: give us one final touch—a girl with a flower in her hair. We had to settle for Michael Moore on Monday Evening at the Occupy the Wall (OW) movement. … Continue reading

Want to Donate the NYC movement

Here is the link. http://nycga.cc/donate/ All money donated here will go to the movement in New York. It funds media, medics, food, and more. Any help is appreciated.

Immortal Technique weighs in with the Occupy the Wall Protest

Immortal Technique weighs in with the Occupy the Wall Protest by Joseph Wade Celebrity Status reached the movement in NYC Monday at 1:00am. Immortal Technique made statements on the state of the nation and the world. Immortal Technique is a known rapper who produces his music without the help of a major record label—an independent … Continue reading

16th General Assembly Discusses Police Protocol: NYC

16th General Assembly Discusses Police Protocol: NYC by Joseph Wade The NYPD do not want an escalation, and they will not move toward arrests, suddenly, without reason, said Laura Prezio, a working physical therapist from the Philadelphia area. She was a voice of reason during the 16th general assembly which focused on plans for a … Continue reading

15th General Assembly on Wall Street

A general assembly was given today at the NYC protest site. People of every age and nationality attended the event. Among the people who spoke were women in their 70’s, part of a group called the “Raging Grannies,” to people in their early teens, sporting punk-styled haircuts and articulate speech. At the beginning of the … Continue reading

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