It is the job of every journalist to extract and relay truth. Through this informal blog, I intend to present truth. The truth can be found in “The Protester’s Voice” articles. In those articles, I am interviewing random people at the protest and relaying that information to the best of my ability in the most unbiased manor possible. If I am biased toward something, I’ll write it in an Opinion/Editorial. I hope these articles are worth something to those who read them. In presenting the views of random people at the protest, I am assuring that their voices are heard, instead of only the leaders, or writers who have thrown their backing toward the movement as propagandists instead of journalists.
If you see excitement in my articles, please know that I am excited. This movement and the people who have joined it are fascinating. That does not mean that I buy into everything they say. I don’t. That also does not mean that I don’t buy into what protesters say. Sometimes, I do, and often, I am undecided.
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