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On the March, Wednesday the 5th of October

We are gathering at Broadway and Worth. These are the marchers streaming in.

The march is massive. Going on right now.

At the largest march to date.

Unions, students, and protesters all over the country have joined marchers. Many marchers will join this one from various points in the city until all of them come together at on point, Foley Square, otherwise known as City Hall.

Opinion/Editorial: My Thoughts on the Deegan Interview

Opinion/Editorial: Opinion/Editorial: My Thoughts on the Deegan Interview by Joseph Wade As veteran of two armed services—both the Army and the Navy—I have attended basic training two times. I’ve also attended numerous training institutions within the military that are geared to break down the psyche as Richard Deegan stated during my interview with him. At least … Continue reading

The Protester’s Voice: Anarchist Among the Movement

The Protester’s Voice: Anarchist Among the Movement By Joseph Wade Richard Deegan, a 48 year old anarchist, is at the protest to end police brutality, support eating organic food and offer political education on the situation of Troy Davis. Deegan also wants to teach people about movements, how to organize without a leader and “how … Continue reading

Over 700 Arrests: The Protest Grows, Organizes, Marches Onward

Over 700 Arrests: The Protest Grows, Organizes, Marches Onward By Joseph Wade The Occupy Wall Street movement will grow; a permitted, solidarity march is being held on Wednesday. Coming to the march are labor unions, students and the protesters who have been encamped in Liberty Plaza for more than two weeks now. The Solidarity March … Continue reading

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