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The Movement Grows Blended

Everything's Changing: there comes a time to believe we can be better.

The Movement Grows Blended

by Joseph Wade

An NYPD crowd-control tower, an accordion performance, more committees and many more people: by the end of Wednesday night—Occupy the Wall (OW) movement had strengthened—as it has every day. The random, spritzing rain proved impotent in the face of the excited protesters.

Among the flurry of chatter were possibilities, and like the cliché, they seemed endless. Money pouring in through donations on the website Occupywallst.org was the main focus of the final general assembly of the day. Among the uses mentioned were money to support the different committee’s agendas and money for protesters who were arrested.

One protester named Drew spoke about the coming formation of a New York specific website for the movement, instead of the current OccupyWallst.org site. The website’s chat is currently flooded beyond reasonable capacity with messages flowing through it like binary code in the Matrix.

After Drew spoke and left the assembly, people surrounded him with ideas, some using hi-tech jargon associated with social media and others with website related information followed by one protester who writes for The Observer.

Walking through the crowd, more ideas could be heard from small groups of people gathered in threes and fives. Among these ideas were an OW newspaper—which would include an online presence and a phone app—and a march from New York City to Washington DC that would protest genetically altered food, advocating for a special label on that food.

The people of the movement were as diverse as the ideas floating through the air, including people in suits—one of whom worked nearby—to people that were dressed in rags—out of work—and sleeping at the protest. It seemed that every race was represented, but there was no separation. All the colors seemed as pixels in a photograph zoomed in on—it seemed that in the process of people moving together toward the goal of hope for a new world that remains undefined—people had forgotten the social impositions of individual appearance. One phrase was repeated in so many ways, “This is what I have to offer. “




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