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Protester’s Voice: Kimberly the Architect-28

What sounds like War Drums fills the air next to “Light Tribe” meditators as Michael Moore is surrounded by press: in the midst of this is Kimberly, a 28 year old architect who drove from up-state New York to see the protest, arriving a few hours ago.

Kimberly said she found out about the protest through a YouTube video last week and said, “It was really difficult to learn about in the news for a long time.” Grass-roots media has been covering the movement, and was finally joined by major media on Saturday after 80 protester’s were maced and jailed.

When asked about her thoughts on the movement, Kimberly said, “It feels genuine in its disorganization.” She said that when there is a group of people coming together without a figurehead, there tends to be people with many reasons for being there.

When asked about her reasons for being at the Occupy the Wall (OW)  movement, Kimberly said she felt it was unjust that the middle class is supporting the system; she wants more equality in the tax system. “We can’t sustain the system,” she said.

“I don’t see why more people don’t give back,” she said, going further by saying that she had been in situations where she needed help, and if no one had been there, she doesn’t know where she would have been. She said there must be other people like her, and that they should give back to the people around them.

When asked how long she would be staying, Kimberly said, “I wanted to test the waters today, making sure it [the protest] wasn’t aggressive or going in a direction that I didn’t agree with,” going on to say she works tomorrow because she pays bills and student loans. “We [protesters] have responsibilities,” she said with a smile, “I’ll definitely be back.”


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