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Move On

The 60's Revival

This was taken at the protest after 80 arrests were made during the day. It shows that the movement withstands tyrants.

It’s happening on the corner of Liberty St. and Broadway Avenue in New York City; it’s happening across the country, as far away as San Francisco; it’s happening across the world as far away as China. It’s the May 15th movement; it’s the Arab Spring; it’s the unprivileged rising. This is “Move On,” this is an anonymous movement, this is nameless. It is a social idea ripping through the minds of people everywhere.

While many people argue the movement’s roots—the fact remains—the movement is growing, and it’s here to stay. At the core of the movement is the belief that the world is unjust, and the centric idea seems to be that this injustice is centered on money and the ever growing disparity between the avarice of the rich and the desperation of the poor and waning middle class.

My goal through this blog will be to report what is going on within the movement. I will be here at all times except when I have classes. Through this blog, readers should get a sense for what the movement is, where it is heading, and what it hopes to accomplish as it grows. I also plan to post pictures and video as I go.

I do encourage commentary on this blog, but please refrain from ignorant posts such as name calling.

Thank you,

The Writer.


One thought on “Move On

  1. Please tell me what you want to know about the movement. I will do my best to get the information. Also, if there is an aspect of the movement you are interested, voice it, and I may do a special interest story, given there is time.


    Posted by Joe Wade | September 25, 2011, 9:12 pm

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