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15th General Assembly on Wall Street

General Assembly 15

The Day after the Arrests

A general assembly was given today at the NYC protest site. People of every age and nationality attended the event. Among the people who spoke were women in their 70’s, part of a group called the “Raging Grannies,” to people in their early teens, sporting punk-styled haircuts and articulate speech.

At the beginning of the assembly, hand signals were discussed that will be used in general assemblies. These were demonstrated by the emerging steering committee of the group.

Issues were discussed, such as the need to legally dehumanize corporations. Other issues brought forth were the need to centralize their beliefs and bring them to specific, carefully worded, statements. A statement proposed by a protestor was picked apart by the assembly for its language. Words like demand were said to be to governmental, and it was pointed out that no one trusts the government anymore. “A call-to-action” was agreed upon as a replacement for demands, and the general assembly expressed their approval with appropriate hand gestures as discussed.

Special groups presented their cases. One such group was a legal committee that is working toward getting bail money for those arrested during the protests. The spokesperson of this legal group said that lawyers will be working with the protesters to their benefit.

Another group said they would be meeting later in the evening to discuss and give training on how to deescalate police confrontations. Even sanitation issues were discussed, to include laundry being done and weather updates.

The general assembly ended with various groups breaking to hold open discussions for the benefit of the whole, but not before participating in a community meal paid for by donors. Yes, Wall Street now has a kitchen for the disenfranchised.

More to follow.


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