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Beginnings: Occupy the Wall: From the Ground at Wall Street

Me in the Pit

For those of you who want to know what is going on in NYC: A movement inspired by the “Arab Spring” has begun. It began with Adbusters making a call for change. Now there is a loosely organized, all-inclusive group of people that are coming together because they are dissatisfied with the status quo. They are fed up with the power money has over their lives, ie. Corporations and banks. They are tired of being the “beasts of burden” while the gap between the rich and poor grows wider. So, across the nation, from coast-to-coast, people are protesting around the clock. This is nationwide, this is in a sense, international: “May 15th movement” in Spain, and the Arab Spring.

This particular group camping in Wall Street is trying to stay in what they say is a public space. They chose Wall Street because they believe that people there have no clue about the lives of the unprivaledged.

They marched yesterday, quite a few blocks, and there were reports of them being tear gassed, mistreated, arrested, and even neglected after being injured and locked in a van.

Wall Street itself is now barricaded by police and identification is needed to get there. The protesters are kept out.

Currently, the NYC protest group is holding discussions about what their call-to-action is. The current direction seems to be one creating awareness while intellectually looking at the problems in the United States and across the globe. This is no rag tag group. One Ivy league professor named Luis, who teaches studies of Spanish Culture, said this is similar to the May 15 movement that recently began in Spain. He said the situation is worse here, though, stating that the job situation and economic disparity is worse than what exists in Spain.

Luis said that since the May 15 movement, the police have not been allowed to target minorities and that a neighborhood watch group was started in Spain to curtail injustice by the justice system. He said that since the May 15 movement, there are groups that drive around neighborhoods in Spain and look for racial profiling by authorities. If they find racial profiling, upwards of 300 people show up to protest within minutes.

This, however, is just one possible outcome of the movement.

More to follow.


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