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The Movement Grows Blended

The Movement Grows Blended by Joseph Wade An NYPD crowd-control tower, an accordion performance, more committees and many more people: by the end of Wednesday night—Occupy the Wall (OW) movement had strengthened—as it has every day. The random, spritzing rain proved impotent in the face of the excited protesters. Among the flurry of chatter were … Continue reading

The Protester’s Voice: As a Reason for his Protest Paolo, 23, Unknowingly Echoes Newly Formed Sentiments of the Federal Reserve

Protester’s Voice: As a Reason for his Protest Paolo, 23, Unknowingly Echoes Newly Formed Sentiments of the Federal Reserve By Joseph Wade Daniel de Paola, a 23 year old undergrad from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts— has been at the Occupy the Wall (OW) movement since Sunday the 18th of September. … Continue reading

Late Night Life

Late Night Life By Joseph Wade At 2:00am, the Occupy the Wall (OW) encampment was silent with most of the die-hard protesters asleep in the park. A fine mist sprayed sporadically, pushed by random gusts of wind, but a few people were toiling into the night. Protesters on the kitchen crew were putting away food, … Continue reading

Protester’s Voice: Candid NYPD Interview

The Protester’s Voice: Candid NYPD Interview by Joseph Wade Walking toward the protest from the Subway, I passed several police officers standing at barricades around Wall Street. I stopped to ask one of them if they knew a good place to interview some people who worked on Wall Street. The impromptu interview I got was … Continue reading

The Protester’s Voice: Smith-A Medic Team Member

Protestor’s Voice: Smith—A Medic Team Member by Joseph Wade Occupy the Wall (OW) in New York City has a medic team consisting of 20 medics—many of them first responder qualified—that are here for people at the OW protest. Treating people for simple cases of dehydration to bruising and lacerations, the medics are busy around the … Continue reading

Media Pit Peril: En Medias Res

Media Pit Perils: En Media Res By Joseph Wade Rumors of buses of protesters from other cities; people bringing food; drums and acoustics; the occasional nudist: give us one final touch—a girl with a flower in her hair. We had to settle for Michael Moore on Monday Evening at the Occupy the Wall (OW) movement. … Continue reading

Protester’s Voice: Kimberly the Architect-28

What sounds like War Drums fills the air next to “Light Tribe” meditators as Michael Moore is surrounded by press: in the midst of this is Kimberly, a 28 year old architect who drove from up-state New York to see the protest, arriving a few hours ago. Kimberly said she found out about the protest … Continue reading

Opinion/Editorial: Symbols

Opinion/Editorial: Symbols by Joe Wade Call of Solidarity for Comrades Held in Van Outside 1st Precinct: this is the title of an article on OccupyWallst.org, the main website of the protest at Wall Street and therefore, one of the strongest voices of the protest. Getting ready to visit the NYC movement for the third time—I … Continue reading

Protester’s Voice

Protester’s Voice: In the Protester’s Voice articles, I will be interviewing different protesters and relaying their stories and opinions to the best of my ability. The “Occupy the Wall” (OW) movement, is a mysterious thing with many rumors circulating about it. It is not what many people say it is, because at the moment there … Continue reading

The Protester’s voice: Social Democracy

The Protester’s Voice: Social Democracy by Joe Wade One face in the crowd at the protest in Wall Street is Michael Rodriguez, Vice President of Light Source, which is a corporation that raises money for small business start-ups. In return, the successful small business pay money back to Light Source, so more companies can be … Continue reading

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